In today’s day and age if you don’t have a digital marketing presence, do you even exist? It’s an effective method for marketing, but beyond that it’s quick and easy, right? Wrong. Even though almost every child is born with a smartphone in their hand, and the know-how on how to use it, when it comes to digital marketing there are still as many pitfalls as there are pluses. We have taken it upon ourselves to help you navigate the world of digital marketing by comprising a list of our top 3 DO’s and DON’T’s of Digital Marketing.

1. DO come up with your own strategy.

If you want a good presence you have to put in the work. That means taking a look at the numbers, the analytics, and the research. You need to understand your business inside and out, who you are, who your customers are, and what you represent. Your marketing strategy is the blueprint to the house while your online presence is the finished product. Without taking the time to map out your plan, and truly understand the entirety of your company, you’ll end up with a house on it’s head.

2. DON’T Assume that what works for your competitor will work for you.

When starting your own business, or building your own website, it’s easy to look around you and see what your competitors are doing; after all what works for them should work for you to right? Wrong. You need to understand your business, the followers that you have and then accordingly strategize your marketing campaign. Make sure that your strategy is aligned with your goals and not those of others. It’s important that you find your own unique niche and value proposition as a business, in order to stand out from the crowd.

3. DON’T Forego quality, for quantity.

It’s a common misconception that the more content you put out the better; however, if your content lacks quality, meaning it’s a post that neither relates to your company, your audience, nor current events, then more likely than not, it will also lack engagement. The best option, is to really focus on your content, and curate it so that it serves a purpose, be it insightful, valuable, or “profitable.” In other words, it might be better to post less, but to create more powerful posts. Quality over quantity.

4. DO Think about the content of your posts.

As mentioned previously, the importance of your digital marketing presence, and subsequently your posts, comes down their relevance. Their content. It’s more important to have strong posts, posted weekly, or even just once a month, that have been carefully crafted, rather than to simply post something everyday. What constitutes a strong post? According to Search Engine Journal a strong post is one that speaks to your audience, is current, and is engaging.

5. DON’T Assume you have to be present on all platforms.

As a budding company you might assume that since there are so many social media platforms, that you must have an account and presence with each one. That is not quite true. While larger brands might have the manpower and wherewithal to successfully maintain a presence across the board, that does not always work the same for smaller companies and businesses. Stretching yourself too thin amongst various digital media platforms is essentially a waste of time, as you won’t be able to give as much focus and attention to each individual platform the way it needs, and as such will find yourself simply re-sharing the same content across multiple platforms.

Some platforms may simply not work for your company. For example, a company selling clothes may get most of their traffic on Instagram, whereas their Twitter hardly sees movement; in a situation like that, switching their focus from Twitter to Instagram, would be more beneficial, both in terms of time management and content quality.

6. DO get help from the experts.

Creating the right content and choosing the right social media channels means something different for every company. Social media is also a rapidly changing sphere, so as algorithms get updated, what worked yesterday might no longer work today. With all this in mind, it’s sometimes best to bring in an expert who has a deep understanding of social media rather than trying to add in yet another function to your already overwhelmed schedule. Hiring an expert is often the best way to maximize your ROI and create excellent and engaging content

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Tal Carmel
Tal is currently a graduate student at Tel Aviv University going for her MFA; she received her BA in Communications from Salisbury University in Maryland. She prides herself on trying different things in life, from enlisting in the US Army Reserves to competing in the Miss Maryland USA 2014 pageant.
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