How does BlueJay Marketing Build Your Target Audience?


The concept of the target audience primarily brings to mind child friendly video games. The parent sifts through a sea of inappropriate entertainment to find that one game that ticks all the boxes without raising red flags. The item is then further scrutinized for specific area of interest, compared for prices, and then possibly brought to a store clerk for more information. A hint of rudeness from the product representative is enough to put the game right back on the shelf. Any shelf.


Finding the  target audience for your business is much the same-the appropriate demographics should be included in the initial conceptualization, followed by the interest, competition, and, in some cases, customer service.


Although a common rookie mistake is to target as many people as possible, the reality is that targeting a specific population saves both time and money. The best targeting resources come from readily available social media software. Even though Facebook is wonderful for keeping in touch with friends you made at a youth hostel last year in Botswana, it is also an exceptional tool for finding your key audience. The algorithms, which involve specifying locations, interests and demographics, bring ready made consumers to your page.   


Take for example one of BlueJay Marketing Boutique’s more recent clients, the Masters Program for  Political Science and Political Communication at Tel Aviv University .  The layperson can already see that there is a limited demographic that might be interested. This is where specific targeting comes in: the obvious elements come first, with appropriate age brackets (i.e. not senior citizens, but 20 somethings), but then it gets tricky. Who might be interested in studying abroad, specifically in Israel, and learning about this particular course? The target audience narrows to a much smaller group that is most likely to positively respond to the advertising.


BlueJay Marketing Boutique  did just that-we targeted people who were interested in politics, but who were also interested in the political relations that Israel has with their home countries. The specification list goes on, but we can expect a large pool of applicants for the 2019-2020 academic year.



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